The opportunities and threats of the Housing Delivery Test results

The Housing Delivery Test was introduced by the government in 2018 with the aim of helping boost housing supply. March 2019 saw the first set of results published – and they’re something of a mixed bag.

Whilst the objective behind the Housing Delivery Test – ensuring planned for homes are actually built – may be sound, it can only be as good as the data used to carry out the assessment.

This article in Planning magazine explaining the pros and cons of the Test in more detail, and features a comment from our managing director, Paul Smith.

You can read it here.

To learn even more about the Housing Delivery Test, how it is carried out and the reasons for it shortcomings, click here.

What the Housing Delivery Test does show unequivocally is the government’s desire to make sure enough new homes are built. The Strategic Land Group is a specialist land promotion company with an established track record of securing planning permission for new homes. We work with land owners to deliver those permissions on their sites at our cost and risk. Our return is a share of the value of the site once it is sold so if we don’t succeed, it doesn’t cost you anything. If you know of a site that might suit our approach, please get in touch today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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