Research Paper: The Scale and Use of Developer Contributions in Greater Manchester

Developer’s are often criticised for their schemes putting undue pressure on local services and facilities – that, in effect, they contribute nothing other than new homes. Yet in reality, they make significant contributions – usually in the form of financial contributions towards any improvements and upgrades that are required.

The nature of those payments means that their is usually no visible link between the works that are being carried out and the development that funded them. That makes it difficult for local communities to appreciate that impact.

In this research paper, we have looked at the developer contribution regime in Greater Manchester. We consider both the scale of contributions received across the ten boroughs that make up Greater Manchester and how that money is then spent by councils. Finally, that allows us to make some estimates as to the potential level of contributions that could be received as a consequence of the new homes proposed in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

You can download a copy of the report here.

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