Planning for new homes: a new report from the National Audit Office

That National Audit Office have recently published “Planning for new homes,” their review of the English planning system and how it influences the supply of new homes.

The findings don’t paint a pretty picture, with the report concluding that “it is clear the system is not working well” – a finding that will not be a surprise to those involved in housing development.

Our managing director, Paul Smith, wrote a piece for Property Week magazine discussing the findings of the report in more detail.

You can read it here.

Despite those shortcomings, it is still possible to secure planning permission for new housing if you understand your way around the planning system. The Strategic Land Group is a specialist land promotion company that works with land owners to deliver planning consent on their sites at our cost and risk.

Our return is a share of the value of the site once it is sold, so if we don’t succeed, it doesn’t cost you a penny. We work on sites of all types – greenfield, brownfield and even Green Belt. If you know of a site that you think might benefit from our approach, get in touch today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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