Brownfield land registers look like a toothless strategy

When the government introduced Brownfield Land Registers they were intended to be a tool to boost housing supply. But how they were supposed to work, and how well are they doing?

Council’s were required to list all of those brownfield sites they felt were suitable for housing development and, on a second part of the register, identify those sites where they wanted to grant “Permission in Principle” for house building.

The idea was that this would make it easier for developers to find sites and remove some of the red-tape associated with securing permission. In theory, that should encourage more homes to be built.

Now the deadline for publication of the registers has passed, we can see how they are actually working.

Unfortunately, the don’t seem to be achieving what the government had hoped. Paul Smith, our managing director, explains why they appear to be a toothless strategy in this article for Estates Gazette magazine.

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