New report reveals that councils are failing on housing supply

One of the central requirements of national planning policy is that every Council should be able to demonstrate a five-year housing land supply. That is to say, they must have enough land available for housing development to meet their needs for new homes over the next five years.

Recent research from planning consultancy Turley, however, has revealed that at least 216 out of the total of 324 planning authorities aren’t currently able to meet that basic requirement.

Whilst this is bad news for those in desperate need of a home, it is good news for land owners. Where Council’s cannot demonstrate an adequate pipeline of new housing, sites that might otherwise be considered unsuitable for new homes can suddenly become possible solutions.

The Strategic Land Group specialise in working with land owners to steer exactly this type of site through the planning system, to secure a planning permission that will maximise the value of the site. If you own, or are aware of, a site that you think might be suitable for this approach, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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