Tell us about your land. You might be surprised what we can do with it.

We are always on the look-out for new sites right across England and Wales.

If you are not sure if your land has development potential, get in touch. We can help you maximise the value locked away on your site.

Sites of all types and sizes are considered but we are particularly interested in those listed below.

Strategic Land Group - Agricultural land

Agricultural land and fields next to towns or villages

Strategic Land Group - Commercial Land

Commercial and industrial premises

Strategic Land Group - Offices


Strategic Land Group - Pubs

Pubs and hotels, especially with large car parks or grounds

Strategic Land Group - Vacant Buildings

Vacant and derelict land or agricultural buildings

Strategic Land Group - Sports Grounds

Disused sports facilities like playing pitches, bowling greens and golf courses

Strategic Land Group - Planning Restrictions

Sites with planning history, whether a refusal or an approval that you are struggling to deliver

Strategic Land Group - Neighbouring land

Neighbours with adjoining sites

Strategic Land Group - Gardens

Properties with large gardens

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