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THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE: How planning decisions are made

At times the planning system can feel like something of a lottery, with seemingly arbitrary decisions being made on each planning application. However, despite appearances, there is a strict process that councils should follow when applications are decided – this blog post reveals how it works. Weighing and Balancing At its core, planning is about […]
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4 reasons the Local Plan process is failing to solve the housing crisis

The government introduced the National Planning Policy Framework in 2012. One of its key objectives was to address the housing crisis by significantly boosting the supply of new homes. Every year since then, property consultancy Savills has produced a report looking at how councils are performing. Their latest review doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Here […]
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Why timing can be critical to your chances of planning success: Hourigan Connolly Guest Blog

Securing planning permission is generally about the right site in the right location but get the timing wrong and prospects can be ruined. In this post, Hourigan Connolly explain some of the issues you may encounter and the significant impact they might have on your chances of success.
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