Consisting mainly of agricultural land but also including a caravan park and farm buildings, this 72 acre site is located at Whitehills in Fylde. Although within the Fylde Council area, the site is on the edge of Blackpool.

The Local Plan in Fylde expired almost ten years ago and the council have since been working to prepare a replacement. The new Plan is well progressed and has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate so it can be formally examined before coming into effect.

Despite Fylde working on that new Plan for around five years, it still contains a number of flaws. In particular, it is not planning to deliver enough new homes in order to meet the need in the local area.

The Strategic Land Group are making this point through the ongoing public examination which is considering if the Plan has been correctly prepared and whether it can therefore be adopted, and come into force. You can see our development prospectus for the site here.

Once the council accept the need to deliver more homes, this site becomes an obvious allocation for them. The scale of the site means it can also deliver a new neighbourhood shopping centre and other community facilities such as a primary school. The site's location next to Junction 4 of the M55 makes this the most desirable business location in Fylde too, and the development proposals therefore include a proportion of employment uses.

Once a development allocation is confirmed, an outline planning application will be submitted to allow the site to be sold in individual development parcels depending on their use.

Our work on the site has been covered in this article from The Business Desk.