The Strategic Land Group are working with the owners of a 31 acre site in the Whitefield area of Bury, in Greater Manchester.

Although currently designated as Green Belt, the site is now proposed to be released for development in the first draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework ('GMSF'). The site is part of a larger mixed-use development allocation known as the Northern Gateway which is described as “a nationally significant growth area” in the GMSF. As well as 9,500 homes, the wider area will also deliver 2,726,000 square metres of employment space.

To support the site's allocation, we have prepared a Development Statement explaining the site’s suitability for development. A masterplan has also been prepared for the site showing how it could be developed. The proposals include significant areas of open space, a new community orchard, cycle routes linking into the Beelines network and new shops and community facilities in addition to around 600 new homes. You can see a copy of the Development Statement, including the masterplan, here.

The GMSF is expected to be adopted and formally come into force in around 2021. Once the site is officially removed from the Green Belt, the site will be prepared for market and sold to a development partner.