This 30 acre greenfield site is located adjacent to Meir, to the south of Stoke-on-Trent.

Stoke-on-Trent Council are currently working with Newcastle-under-Lyme Council to prepare a new Joint Local Plan. The new Plan will guide development in the two boroughs until 2033. The Strategic Land Group will be promoting the site through that Plan process with the aim of securing an allocation for residential development.

One of the reasons that this new Local Plan is being prepared is the shortage of new homes that are currently being delivered in the area, especially in Stoke.

To help meet the requirement for new homes in the short term, a planning application was submitted in January 2017. With the potential to accommodate up to 350 new homes, this site can make a significant contribution to housing supply in the area.

After several months of negotiation with the council, with a particular focus on highways issues, the application was approved by planning committee in February 2018.

A first phase of the site is currently being be marketed for sale. Further details can be found here.