This circa 50 acre former Green Belt site is located on the edge of Royston, which is covered by Barnsley Council in Yorkshire.

Although the site had been talked about locally as a possible development location for a number of years, no progress had ever been made. The Strategic Land Group approached the various private land owners and agreed to secure planning permission on their behalf. Since then work has focussed on promoting the site for residential development through the Barnsley Council plan process.  The first stage of this exercise resulted in a proposed allocation for some 860 new homes, a new neighbourhood centre and associated open space in the council’s Site Allocations Plan.

Following this draft allocation, an outline planning application was submitted for up to 200 homes in August 2013. After overcoming a number of complex highways issues, the application was approved by the planning committee in March 2014. The remainder of the site will continue to be promoted via the local plan process.