Kirton-in-Lindsey is a small town in the North Lincolnshire countryside between Gainsborough and Scunthorpe. The Strategic Land Group have agreed to work with the owners of a 10.4 acre field on the western edge of the village to promote it for residential development.

Although the site is outside the existing settlement boundary of the town, North Lincolnshire council are currently preparing a new local plan to help them meet their housing need until 2036. Although their current plan came into force in 2011, that was before the National Planning Policy Framework was introduced. The aim of this review, therefore, is to make sure the new local plan reflects new national policy requirements and to extend the period of time which the plan will cover.

Part of that process is likely to involve identifying new sites for housing development.

We will be promoting the site as a logical location for housing development through that new local plan process.

The Local Plan is scheduled for adoption in 2019 but is already running slightly late. Assuming a development allocation is confirmed in that local plan, we would submit a planning application before bringing the site to market.