This circa 6.7 acre site in located in Kidsgrove, part of the Newcastle-under-Lyme borough council area in Staffordshire.

Like much of Newcastle-under-Lyme, the site is designated as Green Belt where development would normally be prevented. Over recent years that restriction has made it increasingly difficult for the council to deliver enough new homes.

Working jointly with the neighbouring City of Stoke-on-Trent, the council is currently preparing a new Local Plan to help them meet housing need until 2033. As part of that process, the council have accepted that exceptional circumstances exist to allow them to review the boundaries of theĀ  Green Belt. Without doing so, the council won't be able to deliver the number of homes it needs to both meet the needs of its residents and support economic growth. Some of the Green Belt will instead be designated as development sites.

The Strategic Land Group will be promoting the site as a logical release from the Green Belt through that new Local Plan process. The first stage of those efforts was to prepare a Vision Document. This summarises various technical matters such as access, traffic, ecology and drainage and culminates with an illustrative masterplan, showing one way in which the site could be developed.

The Local Plan is scheduled for adoption in 2021. Assuming a development allocation is confirmed in that Local Plan, we would submit a planning application before bringing the site to market.